Friday, 31 December 2010

Goodbye 2010

As I was milling around on twitter, there was a top tweet that caught my eye, "Last day of 2010... Leave all the b.s behind you, forgive people you've been holding grudges with. Walk into 2011 with a clean heart, mind and spirit" - Lala (Edited the abbreviations). I don't particularly like resolution lists because I'm just horrible at keeping them but its always nice to celebrate the new year with the intention of changing yourself for the better. Some of my resolutions for 2011 are to:
  • Take more pictures
  • Find a job
  • Get a car
  • Learn an instrument (piano or guitar)
  • Learn to ice skate
  • To love and laugh more
~Some 2010 memories in pictures~

January - Heavy snow & Grandad's big birthday (pic got deleted)

February - Uni trip to Canterbury (Was that only this year o_o)

March - First time baking a cake for Mothers Day, Kpop Lollipop night

April - Seafood's trip to Rome ^^

May - End of exams and start of break!

June - My 19th birthday (Picture credit to simonkpop) & Lucinda's birthday

Summer - Outings and birthdays

October - Susan and Meekee's birthday and Halloween

November - Uni trip to Bournemouth

December - Month of snow and food

Well thats the end :) Going through all my pictures I realised that quite a lot had happend this year that I couldn't even remember, just shows that time really does fly by. This year was full of happy, sad and downright ugly times but out of it they're still memories and with that I shall move on for a fresh start and hope you do too - Happy New Year Everyone! ^^~


alexpiano said...

Happy new year! <3 best wishes for the new year~

take more pictures and show us ^__^

suki pooki said...

WOW! It looks like you had an amazing 2010! (I hope 2011 2will b just as good for you if not better! Was rome fun? I heard it's pretty expensive there I recognize some famous architects just from your single building alone<---dork! lol I also think it's a good idea to leave grudges behind., it really does us nothing to hold on to them. I hope you get to learn the instrument you want! Both my sibs can play at least 2 instruments while I can't play to save my life lol I feel so outshined by them!!!

Oh I also have find a job one my list too, sigh sometimes I just get so lazy or I only find a job to work for a certain time then quit to go vacation lol it's so bad =(

Happy belated new year!!!

Anonymous said...

woooah, so many pictures *~* wish you a happy new year!
you have great (and a lot of) resolutions for 2011, hope you'll be able to realize them all.
i have to find a job, too ^-^" i thought about working as a waiter. fortunately i'm playing some instruments, so i don't have to reach such a difficult goal.. i think learning piano is a bit easier (for me) than playing guitar, but on the other hand you can take the guitar with you everywhere :3

ShuShu ♥