Friday, 3 June 2011

Another year.. Another birthday

As of yesterday I am officially no longer a 'teen'. I feel old, people around me obviously say no you're not! But if they think back to their 20th they were probably freaking out as well. Anyways I had a little BBQ with the family on Wednesday and was careful not to over-stuff myself like the usual BBQ's we have. At the end of the day I usually feel sick and bloated because I had eaten so much. Then on Thursday I went out to dinner at Inamo with the girls in an attempt at a sober birthday but then when we finished it was still quite early so we tried to look for a decent (cheap) bar. However all of them had shut already so we just went into a club and surprisingly it was quite live for a Thursday night out so that was good. Only stupid thing is at the end of the night I was waiting for a bus. That was never coming because it had already ran the last one like 4 hours before, I only realised after like 40 minutes standing there like a doughnut.

Thanks S.H, L.L, M.N, S.H, T.L, R.T <3


alexpiano said...

happy birthday ^^ look like you had a great time~
wish i was there T_T

suki pooki said...

Happy belated bday! I know what you mean about feeling old, I feel like that at every birthday =P In fact, I still feel like an oldie!