Thursday, 21 July 2011

[Review] GlossyBox - July Box

Today I was abruptly woken up by the postman at a time way that was way too early for me but I soldiered on because I knew it was my GlossyBox finally arriving! (And plus the other people in the house know its a package for me so they wouldn't open the door for me, hmpf). I originally ordered back in May but unfortunately the June box was sold out so I had to wait for the July one, like many others. Anyhow this was what I was presented with:

Even the outside packaging is cute. Inside:

Pretty pink box.

Finally the 5 products included were:
  • Ciate Nail Enamel in Skinny Jeans - Which is an electric blue and not a colour I would normally buy but maybe it will look good on nails, I'll see;
  • Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Ether - Hmm lol interesting name but somewhat off-putting, I mean metal? From what I understand it is a highlighter that can be buildable depending on the effect you want;
  • Orla Kelly Eau de Parfum - Cute summer perfume sample and it isn't too sweet, bonus;
  • Ultra Sun Face 30 - Sun protection cream that can be used on face! Perfect for summer, however it is an 'anti-ageing formula' and that is not what I am looking for.. Yet;
  • Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil - I was totally perplexed with this product, it is a body oil that aims for 'more elastic, hydrated, smooth and supple skin', again an anti-ageing product I won't be using for a couple of years. But slathering oil on your body? I'm not a big fan of that either.
All in all I'm quite disappointed with my first box, would of liked more make-up and less anti-ageing products but I guess this is kind of hit & miss as there is no customization option. I still like the concept though and will carry on my subscription for next month as £10 is a good price. If you still don't know about GlossyBox:

"With the GlossyBox you receive the most interesting beauty products and latest make-up trends every month directly to your home. Each GlossyBox contains five selected luxury product miniatures. The product range is diverse, ranging from a luxury lipstick to a trendy hair care product from a cutting edge brand." -

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