Friday, 30 September 2011

[Review] BB Cream Skin79, Liole, Dr Jart+

BB cream or Blemish Balm cream is a staple item in Asia and now even the UK is joining in on the craze (hurrah!) with the likes of Garnier, MAC, Clinique and Bobbi Brown coming out with their own version of the BB cream. If you still do not know what BB cream is then here is a definition:

"BB Cream is somewhat a makeup product with skincare properties. As mentioned, it was initially introduced to patients who went for cosmetic surgery but still wanted to look good post surgery while in recovery. So it has more soothing/healing properties (varies from brand to brand) compared to our normal foundation. Its still best applied with moisturizer and sunblock. Different brands of BB cream has different textures , coverage and blendability." -

So basically it is a foundation with healing properties and in the Asian market there are a lot of BB cream to choose from for different skin types and the level of coverage desired. I personally do not like tinted moisturiser and so I turned to BB cream. Today I'll be reviewing 3 of them:

  1. Skin79 Dream Girls BB Cream SPF 30 - "Protects skin from the sun while excellent blemish care and sebum control properties prevent trouble and shine to maintain clean and fresh skin." -

    This was the 1st BB cream that I purchased and I chose it because it was recommended to me by someone on for combo-oily skin. Skin79 have a wide variety of BB creams to their name but Dream Girls is specifically aimed for teenagers with troubled skin. This BB cream is only available in one colour which may not suit everyone but this was not the problem for me. I found that the coverage was very sheer and it did nothing for my oily t-zone! However when first applied it was very dry on my skin. This was not a good start for me and BB cream.
  2. Liole BB Cream - "It has a soft feeling and creates clear and natural skin tone by being effectively absorbed to skin. You can complete make-up speedily as it does not require any make-up base or foundation. Its bisabolol, licorice acid derivatives, and allantoin component soothe your skin and jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil, hyauronic acid derivatives, and marin collagen make your skin moisturize and smooth." -

    After the disappoint of the Dream Girls BB cream I didn't want to give up on this craze just yet so I got the Liole BB cream and... I absolutely loved this one! It gave me full coverage, went on smoothly and kept my face moisturised but not too oily. However the contentedness didn't last long as I continued using it I noticed that it was blocking my pores and causing spots when it is suppose to heal the skin and it doesn't have any SPF which is quite weird for a BB cream not to.
  3. Dr Jart+ BB cream black label SPF 25 - "Triple function of whitening + wrinkle improvement + UV protection. BB cream that presents natural skin tone with soft and moist application. Whitening, wrinkle improvement, and UV protection (SPF25/PA+++)" -

    I had given up hope on BB cream awhile ago but I was influenced by and my friend so I decided to try the Dr Jart+ label. When I first conducted research on BB cream I did notice Dr Jart+ and the amount of good reviews it had but I was put off by the price and the bad reviews (which there is bound to be 1 or 2). However this one is probably the best 1 out of the 3 BB creams for me. The coverage is medium, oil-control is okay and it hasn't broke me out. I've been using it for 2 weeks now and although I have yet to see if it really does have any 'healing properties' on my face it certainly doesn't aggravate it either. Another plus is that it contains SPF in it.
Swatches of the 3 BB creams, L-R, Dream Girls, Liole & Dr Jart+ Black Label

From this swatch you can see that all 3 of them are different colours and when you first put on BB cream it can appear very white but the colour soon settles into your natural skintone, I found.

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