Thursday, 24 November 2011

Sigma Beauty

My first purchase from Sigma Beauty has arrived! Most of the brushes that I usually use are from MAC however I find that with the MAC ones the brush bristles tend to fall out quite often which is never helpful when you are trying to put on your foundation. I know that the Sigma brushes have been much raved about on Youtube and by various bloggers, so naturally I wanted to try them for myself! And finally got round to buying the "Premium Travel Kit" in sweet pink. Initially I wanted to buy it for my Malta trip but I ordered it too late in time so I haven't had a chance to use them yet. It took about 2 weeks for it to arrive (I'm writing this post quite late in time).

It came in a pretty hot pink bag and I got a free gift which was a small blending brush (E25)

Inside brushes L-R: Tapered Face (F25), Duo Fibre Power/Blush (F15), Large Concealer (F65), Large Fluff (E50), Small Tapered Blending (E45), Short Shader (E20) and Small Eye Liner (E10).

I also just got the dry'n shape brushroll which hasn't come yet. I usually wash my brushes with MAC cleaner and then just use tissue paper to wipe them off but the amount of tissue paper I go through just to clean even 2 brushes is a lot. However a few days after placing my order I got an email from Sigma Beauty that they will be holding their 'Annual Worldwide Free Shipping Event" on 25th November 9am-5pm (United States Central Standard Time) which is around 5pm-1am GMT. I'm sad that I missed this because shipping costs quite a lot so if you've been planning to buy the brushes get it with the free shipping event!

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