Thursday, 9 February 2012

[Review] My Beauty Diary Mask

I finally decided to go and try the much raved about "My Beauty Diary" masks and purchased the "Sweet Girl" set from Sasa which contained 3 different type masks for only around £16:
  1. Chocolate Truffle Masks x8 - Moisture and soften
  2. Aloe Vera x7 - Hydration and nourishment
  3. Bird's Nest x7 - Whitens, nourishes and renew

I absolutely love sheet masks and you don't have to wash off the product afterwards, I just use a cotton pad and dab the excess product and then use my usual night cream which is Yanwaili's Anti-Blemish Brightening Cream. Usually I don't use cream after doing a mask but my skin is suffering from dryness at the moment (I have combination skin).

Okay so the first one I tried was the Aloe Vera one and it was okay, I left it on for 20 minutes and my skin was hydrated but the morning after I didn't really see much difference. However the next one I tried was the Chocolate Truffle mask and it smells heavenly! I thought it might be a brown mask but inside it was a clear white gel, I only left it on for 15 minutes (I'm ill and I had to blow my nose T_T) but my skin looked and felt so soft afterwards. I have yet to try the Bird's Nest one but it sounds promising! My skin can be quite sensitive and it goes red really easily but these products didn't irritate me. I just recommended this set to a friend who wanted to try My Beauty Diary.

Update: I've tried all 3 and they are okay but they are not my favourite masks to use. Your skin does feel moisturised after but the effect doesn't last the next morning. However I think that for the price its a good as it will get.

Rating out of 5:


my mini bag said...

GREAT review. I think I will have to take a look at Sasa now. I am about to order something from there and I just might add this to my bag. Thanks so much for the review.

I am a new follower.

yuzhouxiaojie said...

Hi! I'm a new follower! Found your blog from a soompi thread! I always wanted to try those masks, thank you for the review!