Saturday, 16 June 2012

Michy's 7 days 7 dresses

This is my entry for Fashion Champagne's 7 days 7 dresses competition with New Look, it took awhile but it was actually fun to do. These are the 7 dresses I would wear and where I would wear them. Click on pictures for a better view! :)

Black skater dress - To the cinemas

Lattice floral dress - To the park

Grey floral 2-1 dress - To Uni

Black & white dipped hem dress - To the beach

Little Mistress angel sleeve dress - Clubbing

Zebra print 2-in-1 maxi dress - Night out

White bow back lace dress - Lunch date

Monday, 4 June 2012

[Review] Jurlique Rose Finishing Powder

The Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder was recommended to me by my Auntie who also also has combination-type skin. However my skin leans more towards dry-combination and so these days I concentrate more on moisture-rich creams and leaving my oily t-zone dependant on oil wipes (Clean & Clear oil wipes is one of my essentials) and my MAC oil blotting powder which is the best powder I've used so far but I do still have to blot about 2-3 times a day, therefore I am always looking for better products.

This powder is a natural product and is talc-free. The back of the box reads "A silky translucent facial powder that refines the complexion and helps reduce unwanted shine. Leaves skin fresh and radiant". Now the first time I tried this I used it over make-up and used quite a lot too.. Big mistake! My face ended up being really dry and cakey and I was ready to throw the product away (or rather leave it somewhere collecting dust) but I decided to give it another chance but this time I used it on my face without make-up and I now knew that a little goes a long way. I wore it to my birthday BBQ and I only had to blot once. I used it on my t-zone and it left my skin matte but not cakey. I did use the puff to apply it but a brush would probably be better and you can control the amount better too.

The ingredients
All in all I think it does do what it says, to leave skin shine-free but I think it would be more suitable for oily-type skin or oily-combination type skin as this was too drying for me. Not being able to use it after make-up is quite useless to me but I will still use it when I'm at home or just going to visit family. RRP is £24.50 which is quite pricey but my Auntie had a 20% discount voucher.

Rating out of 5:

The Big 2-1!

Birthday cake
It was my 21st birthday on Saturday! On the Tuesday I had celebrated with family and a BBQ, and luckily the weather was still hot! But wait... If my birthday was on Saturday why did I celebrate on Tuesday?... That is because I have work on Saturdays :( So officially my 21st was spent working, however I finish at 8:15pm so I planned on going clubbing after. I just told my friends to go pre-drinks themselves and then I'll meet them in the club. Luckily 2 of my close friends are also my work-mates so I went with them to the club and one of them is on a diet so she wasn't going to drink and could drive there, however as a result of waiting for her to arrive at my house I spent the last few minutes before midnight having my friend V.P singing happy birthday to me in the back of the car and having L.L running around like a headless chicken in the car park, in the rain looking for change for the parking fees. Hmm it sounds quite lame but these memories made it quite memorable to me lol. Anyway as you expect when you're meeting friends at the club and when they have already drank it can be quite messy therefore I have not got a group photo but rather a collection of toilet pictures and blurry club photos, some friends I couldn't even catch. Ah. All in all it was a good night for me, free entry, free drinks and a night out with my friends? :) Even though the event was not as live as I thought it would be, possibly because it was absolutely pouring outside, but I had a good time.

Got home from work to find a lovely surprise left by G.C.
Me and V.P usual camwhoring :p Before going out
With V.P and L.L
With S.H and G.C