Monday, 4 June 2012

[Review] Jurlique Rose Finishing Powder

The Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder was recommended to me by my Auntie who also also has combination-type skin. However my skin leans more towards dry-combination and so these days I concentrate more on moisture-rich creams and leaving my oily t-zone dependant on oil wipes (Clean & Clear oil wipes is one of my essentials) and my MAC oil blotting powder which is the best powder I've used so far but I do still have to blot about 2-3 times a day, therefore I am always looking for better products.

This powder is a natural product and is talc-free. The back of the box reads "A silky translucent facial powder that refines the complexion and helps reduce unwanted shine. Leaves skin fresh and radiant". Now the first time I tried this I used it over make-up and used quite a lot too.. Big mistake! My face ended up being really dry and cakey and I was ready to throw the product away (or rather leave it somewhere collecting dust) but I decided to give it another chance but this time I used it on my face without make-up and I now knew that a little goes a long way. I wore it to my birthday BBQ and I only had to blot once. I used it on my t-zone and it left my skin matte but not cakey. I did use the puff to apply it but a brush would probably be better and you can control the amount better too.

The ingredients
All in all I think it does do what it says, to leave skin shine-free but I think it would be more suitable for oily-type skin or oily-combination type skin as this was too drying for me. Not being able to use it after make-up is quite useless to me but I will still use it when I'm at home or just going to visit family. RRP is £24.50 which is quite pricey but my Auntie had a 20% discount voucher.

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