Friday, 12 October 2012

Hong Kong 2012

It has been awhile since I last posted on my blog and this will be another quick summary post. First of all I have graduated (and with a 2:1)! Now, had I announced this 3 months earlier my reaction would have been bitter sweet, slightly scared but happy nonetheless however now I am actually feeling kind of sad that I don't have University anymore. That feeling when students went back last week was so weird, for them their holidays were over and it was back to studying but for me life stays still. Needless to say I haven't found a job yet but.. In all honesty I didn't even want to find one straight after finishing my studies. In mid July I went to Hong Kong for 2 weeks with the bestie and that was fun. Here are  a few pictures from the holiday:

At Times Square
Walking in Causeway Bay area
At our first hotel
Our second hotel Cosmo Mongkok :D
Breakfast room service
First night at LKF
There was so many Japanese resturants!
Some of my greentea loves
Langham Place in MK
Last night spent at LKF
I want to go back! I can't even write about my holiday right now, just flicking through the pictures makes me feel down. Coming back from there I had a serious case of holiday blues and it didn't help with reality kicking in straight away. I came home to find my car had a massive dent in it and then my mum told me that I will have to sort out my rent and council tax. What!? I hadn't even started unpacking yet. Anyways the holiday mindset was still in tact and I just spent most of the time clubbing and going out. Now, however the finance makes it difficult and my state of mind won't let me live like a bum forever. Lately I have been getting more overtime at work but in turn this has demotivated me to find a full-time job. It is not that I haven't tried but my heart was not 100% in it. I have had a few interviews but no good news. It certainly doesn't help when friends who have already found a job are forever complaining about how tiring and boring it is. Another friend recently went through 4 stages of the interview to find that she had failed at the 5th stage. 'Perseverance is key' however there is only so much one can take before throwing in the towel. This will definitely, of course, not be the end of it. But I will have to slowly build up my motivation again and confidence to find that damn job! I don't exactly know what it will entail right now.. But believe you me, I shall find it..!


Junjun said...

It looks like you had a great time! >u< The food looks REALLY good in the photos. >u<


Soo...I know this is two months late but CONGRATS on the 2.1!!! :D

Yishi x