Monday, 11 February 2013

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! Wishing you all great wealth, health, happiness and love :)

This is one of the benefits of being Chinese. There is another chance of wiping the slate clean and starting again. I know, I know if you really want to change you can start anytime, any day but it is nice to begin at a milestone.

Saturday was officially Chinese New Year's Eve and traditionally you would spring clean the whole house to get rid of all the 'bad' and make room for the 'good'. You should also have a bath in pomelo leaves. I'm not sure what the leaves signify but my family always said if you don't have a bath you will turn into a cow. Having a big dinner with the family is another thing. Usually we have the dinner at my grandmas house and this year was no different except it felt quite empty since my grandma, auntie and her 3 little kids flew to China last week. It was weird because I always associated my grandmas house as busy, loud and lively. I felt even more bad as I had to leave early to go clubbing with my friends but I really needed to let my hair down, me and V.P even booked a holiday off work to go.

red packets
Not forgetting the red packets! This year I haven't technically received any yet because of a family passing but these are the cute ones I've kept from the years before.

There were 2 events on the night just 10 minutes away from each other and all night, to the very last minute we were still swinging back and forth as to which event to go to and in the end we all split from each other u_u Everyone had their reasons though and I ended up in the minority group. Pictures:

Ready to go!
Me and D.N freezing in the queue - The scarf isn't mine, V.P gave it to me when she saw I was cold :') I was so touched, where can you find friends like this!?
public toilet
Side story - Me and the girls were dying for a toilet but we didn't want to lose a place in the queue so half of us went first, thing was only one of us knew where the nearest toilet was and she went with the first batch! So me and the others were wondering around lost until we found this public toilet. It was the first time I ever used one, but having to pay 20p to pee saved me. 
L.L, me and L.V
Me and L.L - Its been awhile since I've last seen her so it was nice to catch up.
The night might not have gone quite as I expected but it was still nice to catch up and see old friends whom I haven't seen for awhile. I also reconnected with S.H after some drama, which was a relief. I never realized just how much I missed her. It may have helped that we were both intoxicated when we first saw each other again but it was just like the old days.. Embarrassing and loud, but as long as we were having fun it never matters.


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