Saturday, 30 March 2013

[Review] Jill Stuart Duo Blush Blossom 02 Sweet Mum

This was from my Hong Kong trip in 2012 but as sad as it sounds it was too pretty to use so that is why it has taken me so long to even test it out. Jill Stuart never fails to wow with the intricate packaging and design of their products and this is definitely one of their selling points. I bought this for $370 HKD which is approximately £31. It also comes with a cute brush with a bow charm. Although I haven't tested out the brush as it seems a bit thin so I choose to use my trusty MAC 129SH brush instead. The blush comes with a set of instructions and for me unluckily it is all in Chinese but they basically suggest 2 techniques which you can use with this blush, 'Sweet' and 'Seductive'.

This white cap is supposedly where you are suppose to tap off the
 excess blush but is seems far too messy.
On the left is a peachy orange which is the 'Shimmer Tint Powder'
whilst on the left is a pink which is the 'Blush Glow Powder'

What I do is apply the orange on first and then use the pink on top. As it is loose powder it was quite difficult to get the right amount at first and it can get quite messy but once you get use to it, it is okay. I do like the overall colour that it gives but it is very shimmery, I don't think I will wear this out in summer as I can imagine it turning my face into a glitter ball. The blush has a nice, not-too-strong, rose smell to it and it is quite pigmented. However it isn't easy to access Jill Stuart products in the UK and the price is high. I don't hate the product but I don't love it either.

Rating out of 5:    

Thursday, 14 March 2013

H&M Flagship Store Relaunch

I was notified by a friend that H&M would be relaunching their flagship store today on Oxford Street, with a total of 4 levels of fashion (and underground level for menswear), not to mention the massive sign that was plastered against the store as I walked past it during the week, which said that doors will open at 1pm and that there would be 25% discount for the first 500 customers. The whole store was filled with music, DJ sets, a piano set, freebies such as sweets and Vita Coco drinks, and a lot of friendly staff on hand to help or seen having a good time themselves. There was also a photo-booth for customers set with a 'wind' function for that glamour look (click on photos for better quality).

The DJ sets and activities will continue on throughout the weekend so if you're around it is definitely worth it to have a look and join in the festivity! Once we got our head around the new store we shopped from the top floor down, I bought a few pieces but most of it was lingerie so I won't put up a haul post :)

Monday, 11 March 2013

[Review] NARS Blush in Gina

Recently I have only been using one blush, which I absolutely adore, and that is the Topshop powder blush in 'Pop' which is a bright pink. However Topshop stopped doing the powder blushes and are only doing cream-based ones now, which I do not like to use at all. As it is Spring I wanted a peach coloured blush, preferably matte and this is where I discovered NARS blush. I researched around and it has such good reviews I had to try it out for myself. I got mine from John Lewis for £21.50.

It comes in a matte black pallete with a mirror.
Swatch in natural lighting.
What I like about the NARS blush is that it is very pigmented so a little goes a long way. Also it doesn't have a scent; I know some blushes such as the Benefit blushes are highly perfumed which I am not a fan of. I tested out the blusher for work and the other positives I found was that it did not break me out and it lasted a long time (6+ hours). I know in some of the reviews the negatives to 'Gina' was that it was too orange for some people's faces but the colour is fine for me. The only downside that I can think of is the price.

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