Monday, 6 May 2013

Making the most of it..

Finally after the dreary weather of the past few months the sun has decided to come out. If you live in the UK you must know by now, that when there is sun you should make the most of it because who knows when another nice day will come again. D.N and M.N just got back from Majorca and it is also a bank holiday so we all decided to go to St James park. The park was absolutely packed as you can imagine but we found a nice spot under the sun equipped with our sushi and bubble tea. Aside from the girlies V.P brought her little brother out aswell. One point he turned into a professional photographer taking some very artistic pieces. D.N and M.N left early for a gig so we didn't get pictures together but frankly... All 5 of us was squished onto one mat, normally people would face each other but we had our backs to one another, so it would have been difficult to maneuver about.

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