Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Birthday Part 2

Tuesday - Sushi with the Bestie
Even on the day we were not sure where we were going to go but then G.C said her friends had recommended Sushi Mania, a sushi buffet for only £14.80 a person! Although you do have to pay extra for certain dishes such as the sashimi. We had a bit of a trek trying to get there as it is quite far, practically on the other side of the tube line, but also a person was taken ill on the train so we had to get off at Camden and get a bus the rest of the way. Again reminding us how thankful we are to have smartphones now. I have to say though, it was worth it. The sushi was nice apart from the spider roll (the softshell crab was not fresh at all) and they have a big selection of hot dishes and sushi dishes which is a nice change from the place we usually go to for sushi buffet, Hi Sushi, who do not have that much of a selection. 

Is it him or is it not!? But yes it was Jonathon Ross in his open-top car casually driving and he had stopped right infront of us! I was questioning myself so I only just managed to get a picture before he drove off.

The seaweed salad was yum! We ordered 3 of these.

Wednesday - Meeting up with the Uni Girls
I didn't want to do a big dinner because it is such a hassle to plan so I only invited my University girls but V.P couldn't make it due to being ill and S.H was in China for 3 weeks! I had a craving for Harvester since watching StyleSuzi's vlogs on youtube so I decided to go there. We were planning on watching The Purge after, even though I am terrified of scary movies but once in awhile one of them pricks my curiosity so much that I just have to go see it, but sadly the last showing was at 9:20pm which we could not have made so instead we just went for drinks at Slug and Lettuce.

J.C, Me & D.N
Whilst I went to the toilet the girls was busy setting up the cake, which I had no idea about. M.N was in such a rush that she accidentally ripped the box but I took my time in the toilet so it ended up being them worried about the candle burning out xD

I am not a fan of wine at all but the girls insisted and even they said this one was not nice, we had to play a game to finish the bottle. Thanks to her losing streak I think D.N ended up drinking the most.

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