Sunday, 2 February 2014

Asiana Bridal Show 2014

This post may be slightly different from my usual posts and may seem somewhat random actually, but my friend W.C had won tickets to the 'Asiana Bridal Show 2014' and had invited me to go. It was free and I was free that day too so why not. The 3 of us met up at Vauxhall station at 2:30pm and may I say that it was such a gloomy day, windy and heavy rain. From the station, the walk to the hotel is only about 5-10 minutes away. When we arrived there was a lot of people gathered around the hotel entrance, not to mention a number of super cars too, parked for the valet service.

The show consisted of 4 fashion shows at 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm; and an exhibition that spanned across 3 floors. We had the exhibition-only tickets. We made our way into the hotel and was greeted by a staff member who checked our tickets and then we were free to roam. Right as we entered the main lobby we were given a Tilda goodie bag filled with mini packets of rice, on the other side of the lobby was a free photobooth but there was quite a queue for it so we skipped that and made our way downstairs to the exhibition. 

Freebies from the day includes a mirror & lipbalm from Bibi London.
On the first floor they actually used hotel rooms for the exhibitors and as you can imagine with the crowds of people and the narrow space, it was difficult to manoeuvre around. There are also some exhibitors who ban photography from their stalls so I was quite wary about where I could and could not take pictures. On this floor it was mostly clothing but there was also an events company and a cake stall. I saw some absolutely gorgeous dresses which some of the exhibitors let you try on. At the end of the corridor was the restaurant which had a Indian buffet on but it was very busy.

Going down to the last 2 floors it finally opened up to proper exhibition halls where there was bigger space, filled with more clothing, event companies, jewellery, make-up artists and venues! The dinner settings that I saw were so pretty. They were very exaggerated but glamorous at the same time. There was also a number models around who would pose for you when they saw your camera pointed at them.

Me with W.H and W.C (Photo credit to W.C)
It was an interesting day but somewhat awkward as clearly me and my friends are not Asian (not in the UK anyway) and none of us are getting married anytime soon so we did get a few stares and funny looks but had we not went then the tickets would have just gone to waste so I was happy anyhow. Although now I would like to go see other exhibitions, maybe some that would be more relevant to me. +

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