Sunday, 9 March 2014

Henley on Thames, UK

On my daily commute to work the other day I picked up a copy of the Metro newspaper, which I read from time to time but not everyday. This particular day had a feature about a guy called Alastair Humphreys and his concept of micro adventures; mini adventures that everyday people can do in their everyday lives. I was intrigued to say the least and as I read more about the micro adventures that Alastair had completed I wanted to try one for myself. However sleeping on a hilltop or camping in the middle of nowhere is still a faraway concept for me so I started small and booked a train out of London to the countryside, for the following day. This place was Henley-on-Thames, about an hour away from London by train. I took the route following the canal into Remenham Wood, unknowingly I had to do some hiking as well which is all good by me but wish I was better prepared as my face was burning and I kept thinking that a psycho or rapist was going to pop out of the woods at any given time. It is definitely a better idea to go with a friend but if you do not have friends with the same interests then bring something that would make you feel safe.

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