Friday, 20 June 2014

Update I

I have totally been neglecting this blog as of late, it has been 2 months since my last post! What I have been up to:

  • Turning another year older.. I celebrated my actual birthday with a family dinner at a Turkish restaurant, Meze Mangal, that have amazing reviews however it was not great and believe me I know my food. I have had much better Turkish food elsewhere, I think that maybe as this restaurant has grown and got bigger (renovations for a bigger restaurant), the quality has diminished from its beginnings. We ordered the starter platter and calamari. The free bread that came with the meal was delicious, I think it was homemade and whenever the basket was empty the waiters or the owner himself would replace it with another warm fresh batch. The hummus as well was nice! However the other dips were not to my taste and the 'starters' were all vegetarian. For the main I ordered the mixed grill, my mum ordered the special mixed grill (difference is she got a quail) and my bro had the lambchops. I absolutely love Turkish salad! So simple but tasty and not as fattening as other salad dressings but this salad had a really weird taste to it, like it had been in a dirty pot for too long. The grilled meat too lacked flavour which was a huge disappointment.

I also celebrated with my girls and the original plan was to go afternoon tea at a boutique hotel but due to people not replying and a strict booking policy I had to change venues and book for another place that done sushi afternoon tea, which I thought was different and interesting. However on the day the restaurant, Ichi Sushi and Sashimi Bar in Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, told me that they did not get my request and they could not provide us with afternoon tea but we could order sushi from the menu.. Er no I don't think so. I specifically made a special request which was confirmed and now they tell me they did not get it even though the booking was done on their own website. Ridiculous. So instead me and my girls spent the whole day last minute researching for places to eat at and that would accommodate 9 people without prior booking. I felt so sorry to them, but they were so patient and helpful, I couldn't ask for better friends.

So much pink, they know me well xD

  • I have been job-hunting again and only recently started looking at internships which is what I am doing now. It is an unpaid internship but it is also part-time only so with the other days I can work and then rest. I realized that I would have to suck up my pride and love for money, in exchange for some experience so that I can successfully find a full-time job. It is still early days but in this short time I feel like my brain is alive again as I am learning new things and challenging myself. Although I have a lot of self-doubt as in whether I am being helpful or not, I know that I'm not getting paid but interning is a 2-way gig, I'm getting experience and the company is getting help. Maybe I should ask for more work.
  • Tickets booked for EDC UK 2014! I am so excited I cannot believe. At first I didn't even know if it would be my scene but after a night out raving I was convinced and if not then this video certainly done it, now this is what you call a promotion video:

  • New family member! My auntie finally popped out my baby cousin, Timothy on 27th May 2014. I have been waiting ages for a new baby to arrive in the family. All my little cousins are not so little anymore. It is so weird to think that they're no longer children but becoming teenagers now. No! Is this the mindset of the old..

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