Sunday, 10 August 2014

Afternoon Tea at BB Bakery Covent Garden

I have had my eye on this place for awhile now and for 3 reasons, the fact that their website is plastered with pink, the number of good reviews left by past visitors and last but not least the amount of sweets that you actually get with the price! It was £26 per person which is very decent for both quantity and quality. A friend of mine has not been afternoon tea before so I thought this would be a perfect place to take her, as she too is very girlie. Altogether there were 4 of us ready to go. When booking there is an option to write down special requirements but silly me forgot to ask for a vegetarian option for R.K and for a low-fat alternative to clotted cream, however upon emailing BB Bakery and on 2 different occasions I got prompt replies from the Head Pastry Chefs themselves , Mathieu and Thibault, who were more than happy to accommodate us. BB Bakery is just 5 minutes walk away from Charing Cross station and we all made it for our 2pm booking.

"Oh! So thats what BB stands for".
We were seated and given a menu to choose our teas. I love my tea strong and was very happy that it was loose leaves and not in a bag. 3 of us got the '4 Red Fruit' (4RF) tea and W.H got the 'Red Tea'. The 4RF tea had a slight sweetness to it and tasted lovely, even R.K who does not normally drink tea and is the type to add milk to herbal/fruit teas, liked it! W.H was also happy with hers. After we ordered we were given a glass of fresh orange juice which was a nice touch. There was an incident later which included an annoying fly who somehow ended up swimming and dieing in my orange juice, which I was savouring slowly. Have you ever felt the absolute sadness and disbelief of when a fly decides to die in your food and/or drink? Thankfully W.H told the waitress what happened and she went and got me a new glass.

Dainty cutlery although the pink plate was a bit dirty.
W.H lone teapot with  Red Tea
Our massive teapot with 4 Red Fruit Tea.
We were so busy taking photos of the interior of the cafe and the cutlery that is was not long before the food came out. First me and W.C were given the pink cake stand and R.K and W.H had the grey cake stand with her vegetarian sandwiches and savouries. We were then told that our scones will come later. 

The savouries tier at the bottom included a quiche, ham & cheese sandwich, cucumber sandwich and a smoked salmon pancake bite. The quiche was actually really nice, I normally do not like quiche but this one was very light. The only thing I did not like from the savouries was the smoked salmon bite as it was very fishy. The middle tier included a raspberry tart, brownie, lemon meringue tart and pistachio macaron whilst the top one had a strawberry macaron and a vanilla cupcake. The brownie was massive and one of them was evidently much bigger than the other, W.C ended up leaving me the massive one.. Although I absolutely devoured it. The dessert that I did not like at all was the lemon meringue tart but to be fair I was never a fan of lemons. Sour and desserts to me, just does not mix. By now we were stuffed but we knew we still had the scones. The scones took awhile to arrive but it was fine as we needed a break anyway. When they did arrive they were very nice, hard on the outside and soft inside.

The only issue I had with BB Bakery was the heat, there was no air con so intead they had to leave the door open (which assumedly welcomed that fly in my OJ) but that did not make much difference. I would advise going on a more colder day. However all in all it was a very good experience, and I will definitely be recommending BB Bakery to others. The atmosphere was good, the interior was filled with lots of girly and cute ornaments and images, the staff were friendly and helpful. Service was prompt and the food and tea was lovely.

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