Wednesday, 25 February 2015

[Review] Etude House Global

When I first heard that the Korean skincare brand 'Etude House' finally offered international shipping, I was absolutely ecstatic. They are also doing a promotion for new members to receive a 10% off coupon, however it did take about an hour or so to send for me so do not expect the email straight away after registering. The reason I love Etude House is for 2 reasons, pretty packaging and decent price for good quality items. The only hardship was having to order from third parties who increase the price dramatically e.g. Yesstyle.

Navigating the site is easy and much faster than their old international website. After placing my order I received an email confirmation which also said that I will receive a further email when my package has been shipped out, I received no such email so I was left wondering if my package was still in Korea or not. Fast forward 2 weeks later and I got a letter from the post office asking me to pay customs. One of the things that instantly kills the joy of receiving a package is having to pay custom charges on-top of everything you have already paid for. The shipping was fast (standard) but it was $17.17 (£11.68)! It arrived in a brown box with Etude House and Korea written in great big pink letters.

But still I thought fine, that's okay because one of the best things about shopping in Korea for skincare is the amount of freebies they give you so I expected their online store to extend the same courtesy. No. Not even one small freebie, for the amount that I purchased I would have been given a whole handful in Korea. I thought this was going to set the official Etude House website aside with the third parties but with the cost of shipping and customs built up, you can actually find cheaper alternatives on Ebay.

The items I got were, Aloe Moistfull Skin $11, Eye's Cream Vanilla Moist $8, Cookie Blusher $6, Moistfull Flower Cream $16, Collagen Eye Patch $1 each and Face Masks $0.95 each. The items did arrive safely and with a lot of bubble wrap inside. However all in all I have to say I was so disappointed and I will not be ordering from Etude House Global again, I will stick to Yesstyle (using discount coupons) and Ebay.

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