Sunday, 30 August 2015

Mayfield Lavender Farm

After missing the chance to visit the Mayfield Lavender Farm last year I made it a priority for this summer. I always assumed the farm would be far away but it only took me and W.C about an hour to get to and it was a fairly easy journey, one train and then the 166 bus which stops right outside the farm's gate. I read reviews that it use to be free entry but now it costs £1, however the £1 is redeemable with purchases over £5 at the lavender cafe and shop. I did not try the cakes as I was scared the lavender would be too strong but a colleague who went before me said it had a very subtle taste and that she would definitely go back for the cake!

At the entry and behind the sign was the cafe and shop.
Empty fields! Definitely go on a weekday if you can (it was not actually empty but good timing as well).
Selfie before saying bye!

This is going to sound really weird but I am not even a fan of lavender however this place is absolutely beautiful and I actually enjoyed the fresh smell of lavender, though I will not be in a rush to stock up on lavender-scented products anytime soon. Also be careful of the bees, they are too preoccupied with all the gold in front of them but its still nice to not step on them. The amount of dead bees and trampled lavender I saw with people trying to change lanes was too much. There was even a kid who bought a football to play in the fields so the ball was just destroying all in its path.

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